High School Senior Picture TIME!!!


Slots are filling up fast so I figured I better post that I have 3 very special offers for Senior shoot packages. Since I LOVE themes these 3 will be called Edward, Jacob, and Bella. The packages are just as fun as their names!!! They start at $210 and go up from there. Giving you a chance to get the package that will suite you best.

As mentioned - slots are filling up quickly, so email or call me to see if the date you would like is available.


RW Wedding

I had the privilege of being 2nd shooter to Lucebellalife.com at Randy and Wanli's wedding. It was very sweet and tender. The groom was definitely in LOVE with his darling wife - who touched us all with her toast to him. Here are just a few from that special day:











Thanks for having me on this special day!!!


Love is in the Air!

C&M The date is set and coming quickly. I had the pleasure of shooting their time together :) Love Love Love them!












Mrs. Utah 2010 ~ Jenny Bezzant

Jenny Bezzant became Mrs. Utah May 1, 2010. July 21-22 she will be running for Mrs. USA in Las Vegas. Her platform is Ascending in HOPE, giving voice to those who suffer in silence ~ Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease is the leading immune disorder surpassing Aids in America and can Kill. She herself has Lyme Disease and getting the help and treatment she needs can be quite difficult, for any Lyme disease victim. Sites with more information include: www.lymemd.org, www.lyme.org, and as soon as Jenny's site is finished I will be including a link to it for you to go to as well.

I had a beautiful weekend shooting Jenny. She is not just beautiful outside but inside as well. Here is a sneak peak at her shots.

Jenny is such a trooper. She always explained the ordeal of Lyme Disease and attempting to get the help needed as feeling like you are drowning. We were able to capture that artistic view here:

This shot is one that she had pictured in her mind. Once that shows the peace and serenity one may feel once they finally get the treatment or help they need.
Model: Jenny Bezzant

For me I love the serenity of a beach and chiffon in the wind.


Even stormy I still feel the calm...


Jenny is a mom of 7 beautiful children. She had 5 then was a surrogate mother to her brother & sister in laws twins. She was the first legal surrogate in Utah. Then she went on to adopt 2 more children. She and her husband are wonderful parents and partners. Even so a mom needs a break once in a while. I felt that this shot expressed our wonderful weekend together catching up and just enjoying a moment of peace. It also reminds me of the movie "Letters to Juliet" that she, Shannon, Megan, and I all watched together while she was here. If you have not seen it do!


Jenny is personable and hilarious. I love that she has a human side to her too. Often I have heard others explain how hard it is to reach that side of models and beautiful people. Jenny is just the opposite. She is one of the funnest persons you can know.


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the beaches and water. It is my element. I am grateful that she understood my desire to take these next shots. It was fun, artistic, and beautiful!!! Just like her :) (She had a bathing suite on and was fully wrapped in chiffon.)




There are certain times in my life that I could live over and over again and my time here this particular weekend is one of those. I also had some amazing assistants. Pamela Matheus, Kaitlyn Freund, and my husband Nathaniel P. Wilkerson. Thank you everyone. I will do my best to bring you some more awesome images from our fantastic weekend. Meanwhile I hope you will take the time to educate yourself about Lymes. If you would like to sponsor Jenny in her efforts feel free to call her at 801-687-6448.

Victorian Shoot

I had an amazing day of shooting at the SPA studios. The models were all wearing Helen Hawthorne Victorian Dresses. Makeup was done by Pamela Greico. Director of the event was Art of When. The models were all amazing!

Model McKenzie Wilson

Model Rachel

Model Anna

Model Michelle Green

Model Kat Schroeder

Model Nyema Clark

Model Maja

Model Alice

Model Mackenzie

Model Aubreyanna

Shoots like this are so much fun and the models were all amazing and great to work with!

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